• UnRiskOmega

UnRiskOmegaProfiler is our innovative profiling solution based on a two-step approach for client risk profiling and risk visualization. As required by regulations like FIDLEG and MiFID II, the solution provides a customizable questionnaire to evaluate the client's risk profile and to propose a suitable investment strategy. In order to explain the risks and opportunities of the proposed investment strategy the solution comes with an integrated simulation module based on a Multi Asset Class Simulation. This simulation enables client advisors to visualize real-life scenarios considering the investment objectives of their clients.

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  • Client profiling questionnaire including knowledge and experience, risk ability and risk tolerance, investment objective
  • Profiling summary with proposed investment strategy and risk profile of the client
  • Monte Carlo-based Multi Asset Class simulation for the visualization of wealth development and target achievement
  • Multi Asset Class simulation with financial concepts for wealth generation and wealth attrition
  • Responsive design for device-independent usage (desktop and tablet)
  • Easy integration and high degree of configurability


  • 2-step profiling approach supporting advisors in explaining risks and opportunities of banks investment strategies
  • Target achievement simulation helping clients to develop realistic expectations regarding the future development of their investments
  • Process covering the regulatory profiling requirements of regulations like FIDLEG / MiFID II
  • Re-usage of existing profiling questionnaire for a cost-efficient solution integration
  • Responsive design and service oriented / modular architecture allowing diverse uses of solution (e.g. on tablets in client meetings, as profiling module in self-service portals)