• UnRiskOmega

UnRiskOmegaWealth is our powerful working tool designed for client advisors of banks and independent asset managers. The solution provides a broad range of analysis, simulation and monitoring functionalities as well as a structured process to generate investment proposals. With the scalable risk engine delivering reliable risk indicators on instrument and portfolio level as well as the expandable rule engine with a basic rule set for suitability tests according to FIDLEG and MiFID II, banks and independent asset managers get the basis for a risk and regulatory compliant wealth advisory.

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  • Coverage of the whole advisory process (Client Profiling, Strategy Selection/Implementation, Risk/Regulatory Portfolio Assessments, Investment Proposals, Portfolio Monitoring)
  • Broad set of risk and return indicators on portfolio and instrument level such as:
    • Instrument level: Volatility, Value at Risk (VaR), Contribution VaR, Product Risk Classification (PRC based on market, credit and liquidity risk), Expected Return
    • Portfolio level: Volatility, VaR, Contribution VaR, Single Risk Factor VaR, Incremental VaR, Expected Return
  • Different risk analyses for portfolio assessment:
    • Risk-Return-Analysis
    • Monte Carlo-based Multi Asset Class Simulation for analysis of the Target Achievement Rate
    • Freely configurable scenario analyses
  • Various configurable allocation analyses (e.g. SAA, Fund Look Through, Currencies, Countries, Industries, Maturities)
  • Ability to calculate risks for all instrument types across all asset classes
  • Broad coverage of regulatory requirements:
    • Client Profiling including questionnaire for knowledge & experience, risk ability and tolerance, investment objectives as well as a simulation component for visualization of wealth development with recommended investment strategy
    • Rule set for suitability and appropriateness (pre- and post-trade) checks according to regulation
    • Framework for documentation of transactions and investment proposal as required by regulation
  • Extendable rule engine for implementation of bank-specific rules to be used as pre- and post-trade checks
  • Generation of clearly structured and comprehensible investment proposals
  • Broad range of configuration possibilities (SAA, model portfolios, investment ideas etc.)
  • Integration with all core banking systems


  • All in one advisory solution for a risk and regulatory compliant wealth advisory
  • Lean and structured processes leading to an efficiency increase in client advisory and time gain for real human interaction with clients
  • Robust and scalable risk engine calculating all relevant risk indicators on instrument and portfolio level
  • Extandable rule engine covering regulatory (FIDLEG / MiFID II) and non-regulatory requirements
  • Basic rule set for suitability and appropriateness checks enabling banks to easily advice clients appropriate to their risk profile
  • Responsive design allowing usage of solution on tablets directly in client meetings
  • Service-oriented and modular architecture allowing tool extension and/or usage of modules and services within existing in-house applications