• UnRiskOmega

UnRiskOmegaPRC is our fully quant-based solution for the risk classification of investment products. The solution generates product risk classifications (PRC) for all kind of investment products across different asset classes. The quantitative models used for calculation consider the market, credit and liquidity risk of the instrument and are developed and maintained by UnRiskOmega. PRCs are calculated on a daily basis and distributed over various interfaces to our clients.

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  • PRC based on market risk, credit risk and liquidity risk
  • Quantitative models for all instrument types developed and maintained by UnRiskOmega
  • PRCs centrally calulculated (no market data requirement by clients)
  • PRC delivery via file feed or API (simple integration)
  • Robust quantitative models developed and maintained by UnRiskOmega


  • Simple and transparent risk indicator for comparison of single instrument risks
  • Enabling advisors to easily explain risks of instruments of all types across all asset classes
  • Pragmatic and robust methodology based on quantitative factors
  • Partially customizable model allowing to reflect bank's opinion (e.g. scale from 1 - 5 or 1 - 7, different risk factor mappings etc.)