• UnRiskOmegaWealth takes the latest regulatory requirements of FinSA and MiFID II
    into consideration. This allows you to fully concentrate on advising!
    Caught in the minefield
    of regulations?
  • Thanks to UnRiskOmegaWealth's structured and efficient processes
    you will gain more time for meeting your clients!
    Not enough time for
    your clients?
  • UnRiskOmegaWealth brings transparency to the complex world of investments.
    Thanks to clear and simple analyses you will enhance the
    confidence and satisfaction of your clients.
    Problems to explain the complex
    world of investments?

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Efficient wealth management

UnRiskOmegaWealth is the innovative solution for banks and asset managers to analyze, simulate and monitor investment portfolios. It offers simple and clearly structured processes as well as a vast range of analysis and advisory features that will assist you in advising your clients.



Profound mathematical concepts

With UnRiskOmegaWealth you are in control of the risk in your clients' portfolios. Simple risk graphs enable discussing the risks with your clients in an intuitive way without getting into unnecessary technical detail. The key ratios used for the risk analysis are all based on profound mathematical concepts, allowing you to quickly identify unwanted and unnecessary risks in investment portfolios, and to act accordingly. This may improve the risk/return profiles of your clients' portfolios and helps to establish long lasting and successful client relationships.

Control mechanisms for regulatory requirements

UnRiskOmegaWealth provides you with integrated control mechanisms to keep track of relevant regulatory requirements. Moreover, UnRiskOmegaWealth assists in performing suitability and appropriateness assessments, fulfilling your information obligations towards clients and documenting investment proposals that will help protecting you against the risk of liability. With these mechanisms, you will be perfectly prepared for regulatory requirements like the Swiss Federal Financial Services Act "FinSA" and its European equivalent "MiFID II".



Mobile advice

The UnRiskOmegaWealth solution is based on state-of-the-art technology, is browser-based and device-independent. Thus, UnRiskOmegaWealth can also be used on a tablet while being in direct contact with your client, providing you with new and innovative means in terms of investment advice. Due to its intuitive use and its outstanding IT architecture, shifts in investment portfolios are fast and easy, and the key ratios will be recalculated within seconds. This way, you offer your clients an unforgettable and exclusive customer experience.

UnRiskOmegaWealth Features

UnRiskOmegaWealth Benefits


UnRiskOmegaWealth offers structured advising as well as automated monitoring processes that focus on your clients. Profound mathematical analyses, intelligent control mechanisms for the relevant regulations and professional investment proposals guarantee the consistency and increase the quality of the investment advisory.


UnRiskOmegaWealth is based on state-of-the-art technologies and can be operated intuitively and device-independently. In particular, UnRiskOmegaWealth has been designed with tablets in mind, and therefore enables you to acquire and advise clients regardless of your location. This way, you will generate a positive client experience and gain an advantage over your competitors.


By illustrating analyses and simulations in an intuitive and comprehensible way, you will bring transparency into the complex world of financial products without getting into unnecessary technical detail. As a result, you will be able to actively involve your clients in the advisory process, earn your clients' trust and increase their satisfaction, which will ultimately lead to stronger client relationships.


Integrated control mechanisms help to comply with regulatory requirements such as FinSA and MiFID II and reduce your risk of liability. Beside the assessment of suitability and appropriateness in the advisory process, you will also receive a documented investment proposal that will help protecting you against the risk of liability. As a result, your relationship managers can turn their full attention to advising their clients.


Structured and automated processes will support you in terms of investment advice and will inform you if your clients' portfolios are in immediate need of change. Your advisors will therefore have more time for actual client service – the foundation of long lasting and successful client relationships.


No matter which core banking system or which market data provider you use, UnRiskOmegaWealth can be easily integrated into your existing system landscape due to its modern and service-oriented architecture and therefore guarantees maximum flexibility.